SantanderAll the activities included in the Ninth International Conference on the Environmental and Technical Implications of Construction with Alternative Materials (WASCON 2015, 10th June – 12th June 2015) will take place in Santander, Cantabria (Spain), in the “Magdalena Peninsula”, it offers privileged spaces to organise events: “Magdalena Palace” that was the summer residence of the Royal House and “Caballerizas” (former Palace Stables).

La Magdalena Peninsula offers three privileged spaces to organise events: La Magdalena Palace, “Caballerizas” (former Palace Stables) and “La Campa” (former polo field). The conference will take place in the Cabllerizas, and the lunch – in Magdalena Palace.PENINSULA-MAGDALENA

Magdalena Palace offers a perfect combination of tradition and modernity, its monumental appearance contrasts with the updated facilities used for university courses during the summer and for the celebration of great events throughout the year. Since its restoration in 1995, Magdalena Palace has held very important meetings such as the “Cumbre Hispano Francesa” and the meeting  of Tourism Ministers from the EU.

Santander is a wonderful city located in the north of Spain. The northern regions of Spain are often the less spoiled by tourism and also less know to foreign visitors, but the north of Spain keeps some of the jewels of the country: amazing landscapes and charming beaches, friendly peoples and nature preserves.

Santander is the main city of Cantabria (Spanish region), it has around 185.000 inhabitants and is a middle-large size city that spreads along the bay. There are several beaches and harbours limiting the city on the northern side, towards the southern part you’ll find the old city centre and a bit further the green mountains. We could say that Santander is between the blue and the green.

Visit Santander Official Visitor Guide

You can reach Santander by train or bus from the main Spanish cities; there are also ferry boats from England arriving to Santander harbour. There is an airport in the region located 5 km from the city centre; you may hire a car at Santander airport if you plan to visit different Spanish cities.

Outstanding places near Santander in the region of Cantabria are: the Altamira caves with prehistoric paintings, the park of Cabarceno, the charming village of Santillana del Mar, Comillas with its University or Suances, famous for its beaches.


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Official Map of Santander


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SmartSantanderRA: Santander Augmented Reality Application

SmartSantanderRA is a free App for Android and IoS smartphones based on augmented reality technology. The App includes information about 2700 places in the city of Santander divided in different categories: beaches, park and gardens, monuments, Points Of Interest (POI), tourism offices, shops, art galleries, museums, libraries, culture events agenda, shops, public buses, taxis, bikes, parking places, etc.

It allows real time access to traffic and beaches cameras, weather reports and forecast, public buses information and bike-rental service, generating a unique ecosystem for citizens and visitors when walking around the city.

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By plane

Santander’s airport is located in Camargo, five kilometres away from the city. Buses run from Santander’s bus station to the airport every 15-30 minutes from 8am to 9pm. It is also easily accessible by taxi, the ride costing around 15 Euro. The airport is serviced by many European low cost airlines, including Ryanair.

Santander airport: +34 942 202 100 / + 34 942 211 995

By train

RENFE trains serve distant destinations to the south of Spain, as Santander is the terminus of a national rail line. RENFE goes to Madrid and Valladolid.
Take regional FEVE train to cities east or west of Santander, FEVE trains go to Bilbao and Oviedo.

Santander train station (RENFE): +34 942 240 202
Santander train station (FEVE): +34 942 211 687

By bus

Transport by bus or coach is very popular in Spain since Spanish roads connect practically every city and destination while the rail lines are more limited in terms of destinations and schedules. The lack of high speed trains in Spain has been a problem in the past, now partly solved by the new high speed rail lines which connect Madrid to a number of popular destinations.
Buses go from Santander to Barcelona, Bilbao, Burgos, León, Madrid, Oviedo, Palencia and Salamanca.

Santander bus station: +34 942 211 995

By boat

Brittany Ferries go from Santander to Plymouth (in the UK), ferries leave from the Estación Marítima, next to the gardens of Pereda (Jardines de Pereda). In summer reserve two weeks ahead. Open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm.

Brittany Feries:

Public transportation

Android mobiles Santander public transportation App

Taxis: +34 333 333 / +34 942 369 191